The Disingenuous Attack Against Diamond Engagement Rings

against diamonds

These articles are a bit like the herpes virus; every so often they crop up again and die down, but not before they nag the reader with a “a sour grape” and dour attitude regarding the accepted practice of giving a woman a diamond engagement ring as a symbolic token of love and one’s hand in marriage.

A recent write up by Meghan O’Rourke in Slate, re-hashes the argument that giving an engagement ring is somehow sexist, patronizing and downright stupid.

“Why should an engagement ring be symbolic of a union/marriage any more than a bouquet of flowers, or something far less expensive?”

“Why should some poor guy subsiding on a “hand to mouth” salary, have to dole out 3 months of his paycheck for a diamond engagement ring as a prerequisite for his girlfriends hand in marriage??”

What does the poor shlub (the guy) get, anyway??

Why shouldn’t the same “fallacy” of the engagement ring apply to him as well…and why is he left holding the proverbial bag, with 3k (or more) out of his pocket??

The real gutsy bloggers and writers who (invariably) put these disingenuous postings up for some targeted spider-food for the major search engines, will push the envelope a step further.

They will rally against the purchase of a diamond engagement ring by claiming that diamonds are “all from conflict sources” (see conflict diamonds) and that “little kids in Africa are getting their limbs cut off” so that women could enjoy the shiny diamonds they wear on their fingers.

In these predictable scenarios, polished loose diamonds, diamond engagement rings and the people who have the nerve to sell them, are all made out to be reincarnations of the devil himself……………..and to what end?

Usually, to promote an entirely different agenda; not the least of which in many instances revolves around the promotion of their own blogs or website on the search engines. Sites like Brilliant Earth and synthetic diamond companies are doing the same thing in eco-marketing of diamond jewelry.

Now to be completely transparent here, (just in case this wasn’t already obvious to all of you readers) I also have a vested interest on this subject, being that our company is engaged in the retail sale of our loose diamonds and engagement rings.

Still, I’d like to go on record as saying that this whole approach and entire argument against buying diamond engagement rings, is of itself a crock of nonsense and one of the biggest scams going.