Tips on How to Spot a Fake Gemstone

fake and realThere are a lot of fake gemstones that are being distributed worldwide and you cannot even see which one is the real and which one is just an imitation of the original gems. Tips and ways of identifying fake gemstones are one way of helping the consumer in buying the gems.

Avoid Dealers Whom You Do Not Know.

In buying a gem, you must know if it has a good quality, genuine and authentic, as well as to where it can be purchased. You must avoid a deal to someone who says that the gems that he or she is trying sell has a high quality if you can see that the sincerity is suspicious.

You should purchase the product from a well known shop or markets to avoid any problems. Dealers should be a friend or someone that you know you can trust and that if ever you found out that it is fake you may be able to give it back and of course your money will be going into the most precious gems which are expensive but of quality assurance.

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Gemstones are genuine and one must know when it is not real.

Authentic gems exhibit small imperfection, while man-produced gems are consistently looking waxy. Imitation gems are usually sold in a tourist area as well as in the cruise ship ports where a little cost attracts customers. The first mark of those fake gems is low prices.

An outer surface seller will be able to see if it is fake or not by confirming the value. True gemstones have a high luster and can refract light additional intensively compare to the artificial or bogus stones.

You can also refer to gemmologists if a jeweler cannot decide whether your gemstone is genuine or just an imitation. You can also compare the 2, the fake and the real and be able to note the differences between the two.

Real gemstones cannot be easily broken, damaged or smashed in just a short period of time and if this happens, maybe what you purchased is not genuine and you will end up regretting of buying low prices gems that claimed to be original since the gems are really expensive and is not easily be seen or manufactured that’s why you must have a great eye in looking at it and have time to think and inspect if it is real or not.