Metal Clay Infused Beaded Jewelry

fake and realMaking jewelry was something that intrigued me ever since I was young.

I started this blog as an avenue to share my experience as a bead jewelry maker and bench experience with gemstone jewelry. My specialization lies in created metal clay  jewelry and reproducing vintage engagement rings. In my free time, I also create stunning pieces of beaded jewelry which I wear and give as gifts to friends and family members.

Metal clay allowed me to experience the thrill of seeing my own design come to life. Personally, I infuse metal clay together with beads to create stunning end pieces of jewelry.

What is Metal Clay?

It was developed in Japan during the 1990s, It consists of extremely fine, precious metal powder, mixed with in an organic binder. When heated to a high temperature, in either a kiln or with a torch, the binder burns off and the metal powder fuses together, leaving behind a solid piece of pure silver (fine-silver) or gold.

There are two manufacturers of Mitsubishi Materials Corp., who produces Precious Metal Clay (PMC®)and Aida Chemical Industries, who produces Art Clay®. Both companies are headquartered in Japan.

Both brands are very similar with just slight variations in the binder formulas. Artists prefer one or the other formula. Personally, I have worked with both and purchase them as they go on sale. MONEY is important.

They come in different forms:


PMC or Art Clay adds versatility to your jewelry design, because it can be worked in the same way as ceramic clays – rolled, formed, textured and cut. The exciting part is all the textures you can create to incorporate into your jewelry-making. It also allows you to create mini sculptural pieces of art jewelry. 

The newest rage is the use of bronze and copper, they can also be manipulated and textured as the other the silver and gold. They require a different firing protocol, which includes an oxygen free environment to fire so the dried pieces are buried in activated carbon in a stainless steel pan and fired in a kiln.

metal clay bead jewelry

Interested in becoming learning how to bead and using metal clay?

Have you always wanted to work with metal?
Is the thought of using a torch fun?
Do you find the idea of metal smithing daunting?
Are you looking for immediate gratification?

if you answered yes to the questions, this incredible product will do for you what it did for me. It will give you the pleasure of enhancing your jewelry-making ability.

Both PMC® and Art Clay® have their own certification program. Once you are certified, you not only can teach, but you also get a discount when buying the products.